Adeline Hotel


Future Oak was built on the idea of being a project-by-project endeavor. Understanding our size and limitations was the keystone in the structuring of our business ethic and our commitment to creating artistically progressive releases. One and done, to borrow a phrase from the bartending world. Then one day a young man from New York City reached out to us, responding to a tweet that announced we were looking for a country/folk act to work with and I realized I'd lay down anything to be the one to share this guy's music with the world. That guy was Dan and his band is Adeline Hotel.

Inspiration is carefully curated and introduced only as an abstract idea communicated through a unique filter of contemporary urban Americana. Adeline Hotel's music would make just as much sense playing from the 8-track deck of a '75 Pacer as it would on iTunes playlist nestled between The Fruit Bats and Hiss Golden Messenger. The word timeless comes to mind. With a home constructed firmly on a sound foundation of musical knowledge and the eyes and ambition aimed to blaze new trails in the wild frontiers of modern classics, Dan is creating new categories of folk rock just as he shatters old standards.

Adeline Hotel's debut album was recorded with a tight group of friends and session musicians in New York City and self-released on compact disk along with a Future Oak 7" record featuring the title track, Leave the Lights, backed with the dark cut Another Way To Go. Not one to sit on his haunches, Dan has since moved to Pittsburgh and set to recording his next full length. This summer will mark another milestone when we release a lathe-cut 10" EP which will lead us gently into the wide release of the forthcoming sophomore album which we expect to see sometime this fall/early winter.