Arlo Aldo


A low, lonesome moan swells like a wave over the audience and washes down upon the otherwise silent room. Despite the stage, be it under the mirrored ceiling of a smokey dive or bathed in the colored spotlights of sophisticated venues the result is always the same; David Manchester's voice pulls you in like an undertow and holds you in the maelstrom of his sincere folk. Intimate and sweeping, Arlo Aldo is a powerful act that commands your attention just as it endears you to it's gentle lyrics and vivid imagery.

Arlo Aldo has been a pervasive and powerful presence in the Pittsburgh music scene for years, and we are honored to welcome them into our family. After the success of the debut self-released record Zellie, they return with their strongest material yet for a sophomore vinyl release on Future Oak Record Co. Catch one of their hyper limited EP's featuring the design work of Tiptype to tide you over until the release of their next full-length this Autumn. David is also playing plenty of local shows at incredible venues this summer with a rotating cast of players, strings and wood.