We are culled from the frayed and yellow pages of antique trapper manuals, we are a derelict cabin in the woods. Antler and vines, bone and solitude. Future Oak is wood paneled, it smells like a dry attic. The world is a brief and unfathomable experience and thus is our music. Swaddled in art, printed by hand and born of a moment. Limited releases, lathecuts, and hand printed ephemera. 

As such, Future Oak is a small team doing what must be done in such an instance. Fredrick deals with the sounds, Katie makes things look beautiful. Every artist we work with is a part of this eternally, brought into the fold and fed from the family still. The fingers and the dirt is where our work is done, for it's from the blessed soil that the tree draws strength and even the boulder cannot withstand the persuasion of the root.

...why it matters...

Even dreams, those fleeting moments of unbridled nocturnal accomplishment, are terrifying. When you wake they're gone and nothing fades as fast as a dream when the morning light chases them backing into the recesses in our brain, those trenches where the impossible lurks. It's possible this is all a dream, and every day I survey my domain that I might one day wake up and find it has vanished. The reality of real life is an uncomfortable scenario. Regardless, with each release Future Oak creates an artifact that can't be so easily bleached away by the violent dawn. We strike music into black plastic for the few who can see us, a tangible feast for the ears & eyes. 

We watch the tides of favor pass from one format to the next with the attention span of the generations that drive consumption. In my lifetime alone I've seen the rise and fall of three unassailable formats, all of which have been replaced in one fashion or another. When the late 90's taught children how to extract the essence of reflective discs it appeared that digital files, completely untouchable recreations of what a song used to be, would be the industry standard. This was true until it was discovered a way to pay musicians less to share their souls with the world. We call that streaming. Here musicians come first and your patronage is rewarded with rare art. We don't seek ownership over an artist, we seek to share in an experience together.

With media ownership moving increasingly towards the realm of the abstract, vinyl sales are on the rise. Be it as the format of choice of audiophiles or just collectors looking for a thread that leads directly back to the musician they seek to support. We want to be the ones to bring that experience to you, to bridge the insurmountable gap between the artist and the consumer.

...& we.

If you're born of our ilk, either as hunter or gatherer, we appreciate you. Be a part of it, because without the gathering of like minds it's just a hermit's pitiful and wasted existence. We encourage your correspondence and involvement in our dreams. If you got good tunes or free time pull up a chair and sit a spell around our fire. Reach out to us, we're friendly folk and the world only gets larger one handshake at a time.