Gabriel Slavitt


Gabriel Slavitt would be breaking hearts whether or not another soul existed to hear his rending words or buckle at the knees to the sounds strings make when he touches them. Born and raised in L.A. and there today, Gabe has been playing his breed of folk, country and rock since he was a lad. Formerly half of the duo Water Bears, Gabriel has the astonishing talent to draw in the people he admires to share a piece of themselves in songs that are so distinctly pieces of him.

Not interested in re-releasing the same record over and over again, each of the releases under Slavitt's belt is utterly unique. To tell it true, Future Oak might not exist if it weren't for the inspiration I get constantly from having this man in my life. His debut solo album, Missouri Love Call, was the first record I cut while I was training in Germany. Gabriel changed my life in such a beautiful and profound way, and it is with a firm belief that his songs will share the same positive impact that I put my complete and eternal trust behind this man.