Insect Courage comes from that twilight peripheral; somewhere on the edge of lucidity and the dream realm. Weaving together the haunting familiarity of night noises and borrowed words with uncharted frontiers, Insect Courage is a study of attics, crawl spaces,  of trails through woods an hour past dusk. 

There is no superfluous record in Rutili's catalog, every release is intentional. The six tracks on this record carry Tim's guitars into an ethereal realm,  something on the rural outskirts of the material from Stitches. Still visible, worlds away. Songs distinct, rusty strings - Peter Gabriel; Tim Hurley's beautiful words overgrown with ivy. 

This limited run is built on passion, on papercuts. Plays at 45 rpm. Each record comes with a letterpress insert, each jacket run through an industrial press labeled boldly, this is Califone. Included, as well, is a wooden token which can be used to access a digital download of the songs, because you should be able to touch digital downloads, too.

  1. tripped on your cape
  2. burn the sheets.bleach the books
  3. insect courage #14
  4. mother of violence
  5. easter82
  6. insect courage #33