Casper & the Cookies - Mezzanine

There are all manners of services out there giving you the opportunity to preserve your legacy by imprinting your voice into vinyl through some manner or another. What sort of story would you tell, should you be tasked with posthumously enlightening future generations?

This is hardly a monument to the fallen; the Cookies are more alive than ever as they lay an audible foundation with these brand new tracks. There's just something about Jason NeSmith's whimsical songwriting that makes these ballads to the imagined seem as poigniant as a parable whispered with a dying breath. There are certainly worse ways to be remembered

Limited to 50 copies cut into crystal clear vinyl, this single was produced in honor of the newly revived 2016 Athens Popfest. This record will be available at their show for fans attending the festival and will ship Monday, August 15th for those who order from our online store. 

A. Mezzanine
B. Get Out