Rolling out a new webhome

Greetings from the edge of a panic attack. When I was in probably half the age I am now I started a small web design company because the folly of youth is believing in yourself, I guess. I was pretty sharp with forcing the rigid code of HTML to behave the way I wanted it to in purely aesthetic ways, but that was about where I gave up. PHP, CSS and all the other easily grasped and highly convenient tools that were emerging from the perpetually-under-construction internet of the 90's were beyond my comprehension; either due to my own stubborn nature or for fear of the time commitment it'd demand to become proficient in anything fresh.

It's incredible to think that there was a time when I found anything of the sort an acceptable, nay, enjoyable use of my time. Touching web design now causes instantaneous internal bleeding, or what feels as such, anyway.  Luckily I had to do very little this time around, as Squarespace continues it's valiant attempt at a standardized interweb. I, too, have fallen victim to it's charm and ease, and just in time for our first big summer release. Admit it, you're only reading this because you're hungry for information on the Bonnie Billy EP.

Yinz can stop bombing my inbox; it's coming soon, like, soon soon, and I'll have some very good news for you patient boys and girls, both here and abroad. If you haven't already, take a moment and make sure you're signed on for our newsgrams. They're sent out sparingly and are alarmingly personal looks at the inner workings of our small label. The struggle is real. That being said, we are also present on Tweeter and Instergram and semi-present on the Facepage. We're hip modern folks.

Don't get too lonesome,