Timing a move to simultaneously occur during one of the most surreal presidential elections of my lifetime and weeks of extended solitude have left me feeling like I've moved -- not from a neighboring state -- but from a neighboring dimension. Transitioning to life in New York has been unusually painful. The state of my birth, and even an area I have called home for years previously, seems unwelcome and foreign in so many ways. And the cold. The pervasive, enduring cold of this grey winter.

I've been spending a lot of time alone; some of it even sober. This year will undoubtedly be a big one for the label, but right now it feels a lot like an icy driveway. In the meantime, since no one asked me for my words, for my opinions or for my suggested listening, I curated this list of songs that have been getting me through my long days simply for myself. Some are drinking companions, some are stand-ins for real people that I haven't had the privilege to share spacial proximity to. Others, still, are a catalyst for dealing with frightening and dramatic changes in our environment.

Anyways, this mix is medicine for me, but if you feel like I feel then maybe it'll soothe your aches, too. Cheers.

Don't get too lonesome,