Greetings and good day;

I'm not really sure this is the most effective place for announcements at all, but it's quickly becoming the only remaining outlet for FO moans and gripes. As per my design, I am slowly pruning the digital branches of this great label, seeking to transplant this thing we do squarely in the realm of the tangible. Right in the dirt.

As of, like, a month ago or more there is no longer an e-form on the contact section of our webspace. This is because I don't want to be contacted that way. You might have also noticed that our social medias have ebbed to a pitiful trickle; mostly reduced to me reminding people that I have a weekly radio show. This is because instagram is disgusting and so is twitter pretty much. Basically the only reason we ever had a facepage was because we had a lot of events in PGH. Don't message us on there; I'll probably delete that wholesale soon, anywho.

So what is the ultimate outcome here? Well, my dream for the label as a whole was to eventually move the entire thing off the internet and let is live as some beautiful secret thing in the real world. This is a work in progress, for sure, not something I'm trying to do all at once. In fact, I've been doing it so slowly that most might not have noticed, or, I dunno, just don't care if we're on twitter or not. I don't care.

That being said -- what IS the best way to stay in touch with Future Oak? Well definitely get yourself onto that mailing list, as that's where all our announcements are going to be cast into the world from here out. If you want to contact us directly, send a postcard, send a record, send a drawing or whatever to the address listed on the contact page. That is the only way I want to be bothered anymore. I'll write you back, probably.

Okay, well, that's all. Lots of weird shifting going on at FOHQ, hopefully breaking through into something big and wild within a year's time. Stay tuned and stay real.

Don't get too lonesome,