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What winds up must wind down.

Time has such little regard for the passing of seasons. Whether or not the sun blesses us with it's warmth and hope the days trudge by undeterred. This time of year has the world of music consideration mired in endless lists of who accomplished what, who kept their dignity, who made a comeback, who rounded another year without blowing their brains out. Those of us in Pittsburgh have trashed our calendars and clocks - we keep time by the progress of the endless construction of East Liberty. Armageddon comes when the condos officially blot out the miserable grey sky. Despite the ever-enclosing landscape of this once great city, Future Oak carries forward. In short, here's some of the exciting things we've got going on...

Arlo Aldo // House & Home


Jackets and inserts have been letterpress printed by our allies over at Tiptype and just the other day our test pressings showed up at Future Oak HQ. This delicate gem will be available this coming Spring, or late winter if fate dictates. Whatever the Manchester desires. Just so you know, this record is dreamy and gorgeous and the perfect thing to chase away your winter blues or maybe even the perfect companion to your whiskey as you grit your teeth through the worst of it. This limited release will be available through Future Oak when it's ready. We'll let you know when that happens.

10" Lathecuts


Lathe's been running warm in these ever-colder months. Right now we've got Zoob, of the PGH outfit Wreckloose, with his debut solo record on the queue. Depending on how this job plays out we'll probably be opening slots for commissioned 10" lathe cuts. Pricing and availability are going to be established with the completion of this job, but if you absolutely cannot wait for me to get my shit together, skip on over to the contact form and let me know you want to throw money at me and maybe I'll get back to you.

Acorn Alliance House Show Prime Time

June Star performing at The Acorn Alliance

June Star performing at The Acorn Alliance

With recent performances from Arlo Aldo, Birds & Arrows, June Star and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, this year's house show season is off to a great start. We try to curate at least one show every month, and we still have open opportunities to perform if you're the type who doesn't like to compete with the drunken mutterings of bar patrons or the incessant ringing of pinball machines. Get in touch with a sample of your music and what day/month you're looking to play. We typically like to pair touring bands with a local act we support and food and beverages are part and parcel with the gig.