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Future Oak Record Co. Shipping Dept.

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Shipping is a beast. You never really think about it as a consumer, but it takes a real polished system to effectively send products to all corners of the earth -- systems I hadn't prepared in our eagerness to get Tip The Glass out to the world. In the past we've dealt with such limited stock that, even if all of our records sold in one day, it'd be a small task to send them out. With this release we sold over a hundred within the first twelve hours, many of which were destined for locations worldwide. Mad, mad world.

It's crazy to tally up the hours it takes to not only pack everything up but also to purchase, print and affix postage when you only have one guy working on this (hello, that guy is me). Either way, I just thought it'd be prudent to touch base and say that your packages are making their ways out to ya'll slowly but surely. Being without a car this week, it's going to be that I'm only able to mail off, daily, what I can carry across that three mile stretch of broken Penn Avenue sidewalk, and, heavens, that weight adds up quick.

About 40 of you should have gotten an email notification that your records are on the way. Rejoice! More will ship every day with domestic orders being shipped first. When you get your records let us know what you think by tagging us in on your instergram photos, tweeter twits and faceposts. This project has been, and continues to be, monumental for us and our joy doesn't stem from the collection of funds -- it grows from the opportunity we've had to share incredible songs with people all across the globe. Reach out to us and let us be a part of your experience as well. We're so super grateful for your patience and support both in this endeavor and moving forward.

Don't get too lonesome,