Chris Barth is a legendary musician; both in that his musical legacy is solid gold and that before I met him I had nothing but stories to go on. Despite being an Indiana native, even here in Pittsburgh rumors were passed around if you asked the right people. "Oh yeah, I went to school in Bloomington," mused a customer of mine, back when I was bartending. "Chris used to show up places around town and play shows. One time at the library he just set up and played until they made him leave". Furthermore, when I stopped at the illustrious Luna Music on a recent trip to Kansas City (pro tip: always stop at Luna Music if you're passing through Indianapolis) the owner Todd Robinson led us down a path of nostalgia that led to Barth's origin with his band The Impossible Shapes right there in his shop.

Since the split of The Impossible Shapes Chris has been focusing on his solo career under the moniker of Normanoak. When our label was fresh it was a priority to find this elusive musician and convince him we'd be worthy of his time and a few songs. It turned out that he was easier to find than I thought, and easier to convince as well. After a house show at the Acorn Alliance here at Future Oak HQ I even asked him about his library show. Turns out it did happen, and he was on the clock, too. On his last day of work at the library he staked up in the stacks and played until security got wise. Luckily he's a welcome guest at our place any time he feels the need for an intimate performance.