Bootsy Spankins, P.i. - South Philadelphia


It's night time, more or less. A weeknight. Summer, thereabouts. You're out and about. Music is playing, and it's just for you because everyone else is either asleep by now or staying in because the weather is shit. But you've got whiskey on the rocks to keep you company and the mahogany bar in the candle light makes you feel sophisticated.

Actual mileage may vary -- there are dozens of lonesome scenarios that manifest throughout the course of this brilliant single. Bootsy is the unsung hero of suburban soul pop; think Daryl Hall (sans Oates) if he was Tom Waits college roommate and he's seen some shit. Down on his luck, still trying to look on the bright side, though. This two song spread is nourishment; a 24 hour diner for the broken spirit.

Bootsy nails it again.

Hand-lathed vinyl ships in June; pre-orders get Bootsy buttons. Limited edition of 50.

A. South Philadelphia
B. Meet Me in the Middle