The Acorn Alliance

Delicate Steve occupying the Acorn Alliance space...

Delicate Steve occupying the Acorn Alliance space...

Live music is important to us. While we're in the business of sharing limited run vinyl with the world, being able to share a performance with a room is the ultimate in intimate music distribution. It's this that motivates us to provide a warm and unique atmosphere for local and touring musicians to play, eat and rest for the night. As a member of the audience, you're guaranteed an unforgettable and personal show.

Typically we offer a potluck dinner before the show for musicians and early attendees, typically plenty of Genesee Cream Ale, and vegetarian friendly cuisine. Bands are welcome to crash in our home afterwards if need be. Fredrick books the bands; we try to do at least one show a month, but that's just a guideline. If you're interested in playing our space, get in touch with him. If you're interested in attending a show, you can keep a vigilant eye on our facepage, though the best way is to subscribe to the Acorn Alliance list (this is different from the Future Oak mailing list -- we don't want to bother our foreign friends with local show announcements) which is nestled below.

We've hosted bands from all walks: established acts like Califone, Will Johnson of Centro-Matic,  Walter Martin of The Walkmen and Delicate Steve as well as local and touring acts like Andre Costello & the Cool Minors, Molly Alphabet, Johanna Samuels, Normanoak, and Roz and the Rice Cakes to name a few. Tim Rutili told me our living room is his favorite venue in the city - high praise from a man who's played a lot of gigs.