The Tender Fruit

Tender Fruit

There was a whisper from the deep south, faint as the rustling of the wind in the trees but commanding enough for me to stand at attention here in Pittsburgh. Without a dollar spent Christy Smith made more of an impact on me than anyone with a massive PR budget, though, when a handful of your most admired musicians simultaneously start to sing the praises of one person you'd be a fool to plug your ears. True story, though, that's how it happened. With nothing but a handful of self-released cd's Raleigh's The Tender Fruit enchanted me with her honest and vulnerable hymns.

That being said, Future Oak is tickled to be able to bring you The Darkness Comes on vinyl this August. A limited edition of 300 records, this marks the vinyl debut for The Tender Fruit and marks the start of (hopefully) a long and beautiful journey together.